About the Show

Since 1977

In 1977, US Civil War historian and collector Don Williams organized the first Ohio Civil War Show.

Today Don's sons and daughter carry on Don's legacy and have grown the show to include military memorabilia through WWII.

The show attracts dealers and collectors from across the country. Whether you’re a new collector with a limited budget or an advanced collector seeking the very rarest of items, the show has something for everyone.

Presentations and demonstrations bring history to life at the Ohio Civil War Show and we are proud to be able to present some of the finest and most knowledgable war historians in the country.

If you’re a collector or history buff, make sure you save the dates of May 2 and 3, 2020 to come visit the show!

Display Competitions


Artillery Show Award

Given to the most outstanding display of Civil War artillery.


Best Photographic

Given to the most outstanding display of Civil War era tin-type photography.


Best of Show

Given to the most outstanding display in the entire show.